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What are the advantages of offset hot stamping machine with a fire on the ground
2021/3/26 14:20:04

After the epidemic in 2020, the market economy has become popular, and digital offset hot stamping has also become popular. So, compared with traditional hot stamping, why has it suddenly become popular?

First, the difference on the investment machine

Titao digital offset stamping, only need to invest a set of stamping printer and powder shaking machine, basically a one-time investment, covers an area of less than a parking space, and is a one-stop hollow printing and automatic powder shaking, out is the finished product of hot stamping, high efficiency.


For traditional hot stamping, besides the hot stamping printer, laminator and cutting plotter must be bought (12000 yuan for Tu Wang). For complicated patterns, good laser cutting plotter must be bought (23,000 yuan). The operation of each machine is scattered among different machines, which requires the cooperation of many personnel, complicated process and slow efficiency. And laminating machine, cutting plotter, laser engraving machine investment from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the actual utilization rate is unknown.




Second, the difference in technology

Taituo digital offset hot stamping printing powder shaking machine, in the process and technology is very simple, only need to input the pattern you want to print, no matter complex or simple, through the analysis of the printing software, you can print hollow-out pattern, simple and easy to use fast. And support personalized customization, at any time to increase the pattern, easy to operate.


Traditional hot stamping has a lot of complexity in the process. Simple patterns are OK, while complex patterns need to be matted through Photoshop and other image modification software, which is time-consuming and laborious. After printing, laminating machine needs to be used for film mulching, and then lettering, and the process is complicated.


Three, patterns feel, wash the difference

Offset hot stamping, soft to the hand after pressing, skin friendly and comfortable to wear, tensile resistance, washable, dry and wet rubbing fastness up to 4 level, dozens of times of washing will not crack offset printing feeling.


Traditional hot print has a cold and hard texture, and it is not breathable when wearing. It looks hard and feels like a hard piece, and the adhesion is not strong. After washing for several times, it will crack and fall, and there will be a sticky glue feeling.


Four, the difference between health and environmental protection

Offset hot stamping is printed with water-based environment-friendly ink. There is no waste discharge and no pollution in the printing process. The hot melt powder used is also healthy and environmentally friendly.

Traditional hot stamping, need to cover film, waste, need to use glue, material is general.

Five, the design requirements are different

Offset type hot stamping, through software analysis, automatic design hollow processing, no matter how small and complex patterns can be printed, there is no special requirements for color, can be arbitrarily printed.


Traditional hot stamping, some very complex and small patterns are difficult to use the engraving machine to complete, and there will be a choice of color.

VI. Differences between personnel and venues

Offset bronzing, from printing to finished bronzing, one person is enough, two people can cooperate to see more than one machine, a set of machines occupies less than one parking space


Traditional hot stamping, each machine scattered operation, from drawing - printing - laminating - cutting - lettering, at least two or three people can complete a set of processes, and covers a large area.

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